Tyres for the XL 500R  ( translated from Jens Högemann Okt.2003)

I have been riding Conti TK C80 for some years. It has got a good wear performance of about 15000 – 20000 km. I can’t remember the price but it did not make me poor. This Tyre is suitable for Road and light to medium Trail. 

I got some more information about this subject from Robert Goetzmann with this tip:



Since I have been riding more or less rough terrain, I was looking for a “hard core” tyre and fell over a company called “mefo”. The price is around 100 DM. I got the following tyres at tom’s enduro parts in Munich. A mefo stone master in 4.60-17 and an mfc 14mx front in 3.00-21 were pulled onto the rim. The papers for the MOT were supplied to. So a perfect tyre for hard core, on the road with some unpleasant behaviour.