Special tips


In this category I want to make some tips and tricks public, witch are not shown in any books.

I would like to public your tips too. If you have any, which can help other XL drivers, please let me know and send them via e-mail



The top bridge from the XR 600R and the complete front fork fits without any changes into the frame of the XL 500. You have to use the steering bearing inclusive the ball races from the XR 600 R


The ignition coil from the XT 600 ,built in 1991 has close electrical data’s like the XL 500. In case of emergency the XL 500 drives with the ignition coil from the XT 600. To make sure, if a brake down is caused by the ignition coil, you should check it first. The electrical resistance of the primary and secondary coils: Primary: 0,2 to 0,3 Ω . Secondary coil: 3,4 to 4,2 KΩ



Wrong diagram, witch shows the clutch, in the repair manual “Reparaturanleitung”. One plate is not shown between clutch outer and the pressure plate.


For a lot XL drivers it is hard to start the motorbike. The consequences may be a injured leg or a bruise foot because the kick-starter often kicks back. Here you may find instructions.