No Spark at Plug? Or poorly?


1.The plug shouldn’t be oily or burnt.

Disconnect the spark plug cap and check if the ignition cable has oxidation. If, cut the cable a few millimeters and install the spark plug cab to the cable again.


2. Ignitation coil 

Check Ignitation coil and if faulty replace it. Is the Ignitation coil connected to minus? Check double, especially if the frame is new coated or varnished rout a new minus cable direct to the engine.


3. Engine stop 

Check the engine stop. If engine stop switch is in “OFF” position there must be continuity between the black and the green cable off the switch.


4. AC generator  

Check AC generator 

The AC generator is based behind the left crankcase cover. The rotor sits on crankcase and is fixed by the rotor bolt (Torque value: 45 -60 Nm). Disconnect the stator wire leads. Measure the resistances between the blue/green cable and the green/white cable. It should be between 510 -570 Ω. The meaning of an OK result is, that the Pulser generator is OK. It dosen´t mean , that the mechanical part of the AC generator works exactly. Check, if the lock nut is tighten.


5. Ignition switch 

Remove the headlight and disconnect the headlight wires at 4P coupler. Check for continuity between terminals. In “OFF” position it must be conunity between the black/white and the green cabel. In “ON” position it must be conunuty between the black and the red cable.


6. CDI Unit 

The CDI unit , called black box can not be fixed. Without special tester, it is impossible to check it. If you don’t have spare CDI unit (for example from an second XL) there is no other way, than to bring it to a Honda dealer to let him check the CDI unit.