Countershaft or also named transmission output shaft

translated by Jens Högemann Dez.2003

After now nearly 100,000 km with a shaft which is strongly attacked after desert employment. Nearly a half of a tooth is reduced by now. Reason enough for me to replace the shaft.

clearly the tooth damage is to be recognized.

With the price of a new countershaft it could have been out of gold. It costs approximately 253€ originally from Honda. Unfortunately this piece is not available on the accessory market.

But it will do for another 100,000 km. It is worthwhile!

here the piece of gold

The other gear wheels were taken over by the ones from the old shaft. Examine before you take the old ones on wear and pitting. To recommend is a new seal. To preserve the teeth of the new shaft I recommend absolutely only original cogwheels. Those are expensive, but they are reliable.

aren’t those nice virgin teeth.