Speedometer  -> Tacho

 Isnīt it awful, when the speedometer break down on a nice trip ? Not that we have to know how fast we are, but with reference to the speedcontrols by the police, sometimes itīs important to know. In spite of the low fuel consumption it may be good to know, how far you can still drive.

 That the brake off is on itīs way, you can notice by a flicker of the Speedometer-needle and then it happens : the needle doesnīt move anymore. The break off of the speedometer is not ever because of a defect Tacho-Shaft. What can it still be ? In the frontwheel [Link 26K] there is a transmission plate [Mitnehmerplättchen (7)]. This part is the drive between frontwheel and the endless screw gear that drives on the Speedometer-Shaft.

 In fact of the innumerable Miles we drive around, the Pinīs on this transmission plate will wear out and so the endless screw gear will not work or works irregulary.


What to do : 

You have to replace the transmisson plate. This sparepart is on sale only by the HONDA dealer. No fear, it is not so expensive ! Itīs worth it to buy once more.

Also replace the dust gasket [Staubdichtung (13)]. Be careful when you remove the dust gasket ! The transmission plate can be removed by hand. Put in the new one, also but carfully the dust gasket and READY. Donīt forget to lubricate the endless screw !




Speedometer  -> Tacho 2


Hi XL-driver,


A problem of the Xl is, that often the speedometer is braking off, because the transmission plate into the speedometer gear lost itīs both teeth (Pins).

Good to me and for many years and tens of thousands Kilometers is following operate:

The speedometer gear box contained a cogwheel – which is drive on by the transmission plate – and an endless screw, that transmit the rotation to the speedometer-shaft.

The forces inside the gearbox causes that the cogwheel drift apart from the transmission plate.

With insert a cooper ring ( built by yourself, take a wire with a diameter of 1,5 mm and solder it – the diameter of the ring should be the same as of the cogwheel) behind the cogwheel, so the theeth of the transmission plate reach into the cogwheel all time.


OK, once more:

Pull out the cogwhell, clean all parts, stuff MoS2-lubricate into the gearbox, insert the cooper ring, cogwheel on top and fit the speedometer gearbox to the wheel.


The Henker