Carburet problems 

The carburet of a XL 500 R has a acceleration pump (Pos. 7, right side). It contains a plastic diaphragm with a spring and is connect by a rod to the gasslide. In time the fuel causes corrosion at the metal fixture of the diaphragm and it get rusty. 


The small rusty particle could block the nozzles and fine pielines in the carburet and causes problems. In lower revolutions up to 3000 rpm the engine splutters, donīt go round. 


The acceleration pump is on the right side of the carburet under a small lid. The lid is fixed with three screws. ATTENTION ! when you remove the screws because between lid and diaphragm is a spring located, which lift off the lid. Be careful that the spring donīt sliped away. When the lid is removed, you can pull the diaphragm downwards out. Attention on the dust gasket (1).


Details of carburet (75K)


Translation by Moses 2004