andere XL 500 R und S

Sonderausgabe  1982  : XL 500 R   Paris - Dakar    


 I started riding motorcycles in 1991 when my friend Joe began inviting me out to the desert to go off-roading. I never got too good, but it led me into street bikes and into taking bike trips. The trips have always been adventure-filled, though some others might call it bad luck.....In '93 I tried to make it to Canada, but got rained out in Oregon. In '95 I set out on a coast to coast round trip, but only made it one way before the bike gave out. Finally, in '98 I convinced a friend to come with me down Baja and we ended up flying home after our bikes got run over while parked in La Paz.


My '82 Honda XL500R (Apple Valley, 1994)
(Sold for use in an Energizer Battery commercial)

ob das Motorrad links eine XL 500 R ist ??