XL 500 Rc von Howard in  UK

Howert and webmaster (Juli 2001)

Thank you for your interest in my XL500RC. Please find 4 x jpeg attatchments for use on your website.
Details : I found the Honda in a garage and purchased it for 50:00.
I had to replace the complete engine, that cost 450:00
The paintwork and decals were done at " Castle Customs" in the UK

The frame, swing / arm and ancilleries are powder coated in original colours.
The seat has been modified due to damage (I think it looks better)
The exhaust is an American (?) "SUPERTRAP" (very loud)
The rest of the machine is as standard as I could get it.
Please edit anything I have sent at your discretion, and I have no problem with you copying or reproducing these images, and thank you once again for your interest.
                                                                             yours sincerely Howard

broken.jpg (42006 Byte)  engine.jpg (153830 Byte)  fixed.jpg (31870 Byte)  pic 666.jpg (143440 Byte)